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IDC expertise does not limit itself to delivering a vision & mission statement for the company. Rather, it’s an exercise during which companies introspectively evaluate their ambitions, capabilities, markets, and competitors, and where IDC plays an active role of value adding facilitation and challenger.

We work with board members and senior executives to understand and build consensus about why the organization exists, its purpose or “raison d’Ítre”, and what it wants to achieve. An integral part of the vision engineering exercise is to identify the set of values based on which the organization will reach its objectives; by doing so we ensure that all stakeholders understand and share a common cause.

Building on its ability to assess internal capabilities, identify external challenges and threats, and engineer visions, IDC helps its clients define and deploy the most appropriate strategy to reach their goals, at the corporate level and at the level of each business unit. Corporate strategy is primarily concerned with the optimization of the portfolio of businesses (products, services, country operations); business strategy is more concerned with the tactics that allow a business unit to be differentiated and realize its full potential.

IDC assists its clients in the implementation of corporate and business strategies, both externally (M&As, alliances, investments, divestitures) and internally.


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